Big Data solutions

In this digital world making dreams comes true for brands with authentic and structured data. We at Digitrantech help brands to build deeper customer relationships. We guide and help businesses with analytics, technology, and commerce to form the capabilities that connect the data points and make the experiences irresistibly, personal.

We help clients use the known to predict the unknown so that they can foster engagement earlier in the buyer consideration cycle. Because our data is person-based, we integrate our products into the clients' marketing database and CRM programs. Our data solutions inform clients' analytics, segmentation, and activation spanning addressable channels like email, direct mail, and digital. Integrating a person-level dataset with the ability to understand what makes a person unique yields serious predictive power.


Cloud services by Digitrntech meet the expectations of clients' cloud and digital transformation journey. Our team will engage with clients and define the architecture, integration with security, resilience and management models in an easy design that ensures smooth functioning of business processes. Before onboarding itself, we look into the challenges and complexities involved in the current and existing platform, and then we craft a strategy to deliver cloud solutions that can protect the investment and enable hybrid models.

At Digitrantech, we believe a secure and resilient IT platform can help businesses to unlock and accelerate the true value of technology in both digital and cloud platforms. Our cloud security services provide expertise in support and technology services that help businesses to keep their important business elements more secured, available, reliable, recoverable, and accessible as and when required. Digitrantech's integrated technological approach helps businesses to mitigate comprehensive security everywhere including physical virtual, and cloud environments.

Understanding the consumers and their evolving behavior is difficult and it required a huge amount of high-value data and conclusions based on technology. Along with the same, truly differentiated customer experiences depends on a combination of technologies partnered with the people to analyze the human and business elements. Hence Digitrantech, helps you from every angle, predicting the best outcomes. Below is the process that we carry to achieve better results:

  • Market & Consumer Research
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Analytics Visualization & Reporting
  • Analytics Cloud & Data Engineering